At the TIG/m offices and factory we have all of the disciplines necessary to design, engineer and construct turn-key streetcar systems, including infrastructure and rolling stock!

David Hall

Executive Vice President & CFO

Dedicated to solving technical challenges with elegant and yet practical solutions. Mr. Hall joined the company in 2005 and brought many years of experience in financial management, project development, technical manufacturing, and industrial product design. He was formerly the Executive Vice President of AVG Technologies, Inc., a world leader in in the design and manufacture of highly sophisticated animatronic and robotic figures and dark rides for the themed entertainment industry.

TIG/m Mission

 TIG/m's primary mission is to INCREASE CONNECTIVITY by the re-introduction of the electric street railway into the fabric of the modern city. By removing the need for expensive wayside power distribution systems, we are making streetcar systems more affordable, maintainable, and aesthetically pleasing.

In the typical streetcar project, up to 50% of the capital cost of  infrastructure construction is spent on power distribution systems. Furthermore, up to 60% of the cost of system maintenance is spent on maintenance of wayside power systems; all of theses costs are eliminated from the project when TIG/m is the Design-Builder.

We are passionate about our commitment:the finest quality streetcars available anywhere, accompanied by these substantial capital cost reductions, to streetcar projects across the country and around the world. The response has been consistently enthusiastic! 


Alvaro Villa


Committed to making innovations in electronics and control systems, Mr. Villa has over 40 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur, business executive, electronics engineer, and inventor. He has been engaged in robotics research, development, and manufacturing since 1969. Before joining TIG/m, Mr. Villa was the founder and principal of AVG, Inc., and spent 9 years as head of robotics and  electronics for Walt Disney Imagineering.

Brad Read


Passionate about protecting the environment and pioneering the Hydrogen Economy. Originally trained as an artist as well as an engineer, Mr. Read has over 28 years of experience as a corporate executive and brings a hands-on approach to project management based on years of experience in civil, mechanical, and structural engineering. Before joining TIG/m, Mr. Read was President of Transportation Innovations Group and co-founder/President of Laurence/Wayne Research and Development Company.  

Outside the factory we have a test track where we are continually testing our propulsion, controls (both operator and automated), and safety systems.