‚ÄčAruba and Dubai Streetcars

TIG/m is currently under contract with the Governments of Aruba and Dubai to provide the world's first municipal streetcar systems which use hydrogen fuel cell technology in the vehicle propulsion systems.

We are providing the streetcars and the fueling infrastructure for these projects.

The Key Personnel at TIG/m have been working since the 1990's toward the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier in transportation systems. It just took the right clients and the right political climate to make this inevitable technological solution a reality.

With the help of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, TIG/m has formed alliances with key manufacturers in the hydrogen sector and can now offer turn-key hydrogen powered solutions for streetcar propulsion for the first time!

Under one design/build contract, TIG/m can provide complete hydrogen-cycle equipment including:

  • On-site hydrogen generation.
  • Hydrogen compression and storage.
  • Hydrogen fuel dispensing.
  • On-board fuel cell generators that charge the batteries while the streetcar is in passenger service.

For fixed-guideway fleet vehicle systems such as streetcars, hydrogen fuel cell range-extending generators make perfect sense. Hydrogen is generated by electrolysis of water for less than the cost of an equivalent amount of gasoline (depending on the local cost of electricity). When the hydrogen in converted into electricity on-board the streetcars, the only resulting emission is pure water.

TIG/m hydrogen/battery hybrid streetcars are true zero-emission vehicles.