Convertible streetcars can operate

as open cars during temperate

seasons but are equipped to close

for heating or cooling during more

extreme conditions..

Here is an example in Dubai.


TIG/m Streetcars operate on standard gauge track and do not require any form of wayside power system. All electrical power required for a full day of passenger service is carried on-board the vehicle. Once per day, usually at the end of the passenger service-day, the batteries are charged and balanced and the on-board generator, if any, is refueled. Battery charging equipment is carried on-board the vehicle and each night the vehicle is simply plugged in using the supplied high-voltage charge cord.

TIG/m streetcars are custom designed to meet the individual project requirements. Craftsmanship is of the utmost importance to us and every care is taken in all aspects of the manufacturing process. Whether it is the structural welding, electronic controls, propulsion system fabrication, or quality coachwork, only the finest technicians and skilled craftsman are involved.

All TIG/m trams and streetcars are designed, manufactured, and tested to comply with international Light Rail Standards. Passengers, owners, and operators are protected by compliance with EN-50126, 8, and 9 as well as all other applicable railway safety standards.

There are several basic types of cars that can be chosen as the starting point in design :


  • Open car
  • Closed car
  • Convertible car
  • Double-deck
  • Single-deck
  • 11 meter
  • 12 meter


  • Articulated  20 meter
  • Rigid body 15 meter
  • Closed car
  • Convertible car