Our Business

TIG/m is a turn-key designer/builder of street-running public transportation rail systems commonly known as "streetcars", "trams", or "trolleys." What sets our product apart from all the rest is that each of our streetcars is self-powered. This means that there is no need for overhead wire systems to power the cars, resulting in savings of as much as 50% in streetcar system infrastructure costs.

Imagine......robust municipal rail transit without the visual clutter of power lines, guy wires, support poles, substations, and feeder systems.

Imagine......your project construction cost profile without having to procure and install all of this site-specific equipment.

Imagine......your lifetime system maintenance picture without having to service and replace an extensive wayside power infrastructure.

Streetcars for Wireless Transit

Streetcars, trams, and trolleys without the overhead wires

Open-car, cross bench configuration 

For more moderate climates, the open-car streetcars configuration is the ultimate in passenger comfort, rapid loading and unloading, and sheer transit enjoyment!

Double and single-deck open-cars are available.

Air-conditioned, closed-car configuration.

For climates with extreme hot or cold seasons, we offer fully closed streetcars with state-of-the-art  heating and cooling systems.

Convertible cars are also available