TIG/m is an innovative turn-key design/builder of street-running public transportation rail systems commonly known as "streetcars", "trams", or "trolleys". We are changing light rail transit: there is no longer any need for overhead wire or any other type of wayside power systems, resulting in savings of up to 50% in infrastructure construction and lifetime system maintenance costs.

Each of our vehicles is self-powered by a battery-dominant propulsion system  and can operate for 20 hours on a single charge. 

Reduced Infrastructure Costs  •  Lower O&M Costs  •  Increased System Resiliency


All of our vehicles, regardless of coach type, are powered by our unique battery-dominant hydrogen/electric propulsion system. Two large LiFePO4 traction battery banks are supplemented by regenerative braking; and an on board electric generator set, if required, to keep the batteries within a predetermined range of state. The generator set is self-contained and can be swapped out in about an hour. Our preference for the generator is hydrogen fuel cell, but our clients may choose between H2, LPG, or CNG as the fuel for this function. The overall configuration is project specific and designed for 20 hours of uninterrupted passenger service per day while maintaining a t least 30% surplus power in the traction battery thereby avoiding deep-cycles and extending the battery service-life.

We have eliminated the need for distributed power systems including overhead catenary AND high voltage charging at passenger stations. All energy for a 20 hour passenger service day is carried on-board each vehicle.

The First Public Operation of a Hydrogen/Electric Passenger Rail Vehicle in North America